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At Feel Good Physical Therapy in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Gregory Trakhtenberg helps athletes of all levels receive the most advanced treatments for sport injury, including injuries from contact sports, group and individual sports, and low-impact sports, with an aim toward relieving pain, restoring health and normal function, and enabling patients to return to their activities.


How does a sport injury occur?

Sports and other physical activity can cause all sorts of injuries which can vary based on the type of sport or activity involved. Some of the most common sport-related injuries involve overuse injuries that occur when an athlete pushes himself or herself too hard, straining muscles, ligaments or tendons or injuring joints in the process. Other common injuries occur from impacts when an athlete falls or collides with another athlete, or from twisting or torsion injuries, usually to a knee. Poor technique and improper warm-up can also contribute to injuries during physical activities. Any type of sport can cause injuries, and injuries can occur in athletes of all levels, from pros to students to amateurs.

How can a physical therapist help treat sports injuries?

The first goal of physical therapy is to reduce painful symptoms and inflammation so patients can feel more comfortable. Once that is achieved, the next step is to treat the underlying injury by using exercises, manipulation techniques and stretching to help gently restore function and strength to the site of injury. During therapy, repeated evaluations ensure the therapy is being effective and also enable the course of therapy to be altered as progress is made. In addition, patients also receive education about how to avoid injury in the future. Each plan of therapy can be customized to both the injury and the sport for optimal outcomes.

How does a physical therapy program help prevent injuries?

At Feel Good Physical Therapy, we use state-of-the-art techniques to improve flexibility, strength, balance and coordination so patients are better prepared to participate and also more naturally able to avoid injury. Plus, we offer guidance on how to warm up, train and take part in activities so each patient understands how to achieve maximum enjoyment with minimum risk of injury.


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