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Dr. Gregory Trakhtenberg has devoted his life to helping patients recover from injury and attain the best possible sports performance through spinal manipulation from his Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY practice, Feel Good Physical Therapy.


What is spinal manipulation?

Spinal manipulation moves the joints of the spine to relieve pressure on the joints and reduce inflammation in the back and neck.  Dr. Trakhtenberg uses his vast knowledge of human anatomy combined with years of experience as a physical therapist to manipulate the spine to its proper place.  

How does spinal manipulation factor into physical therapy?

Dr. Trakhtenberg is educated and trained to use manipulation as a part of his scope of practice.  Because physical therapy is aimed at improving body systems and functions, and activity, spinal manipulation is often used to measure the way the body tissue and organs respond to treatment.  While it provides valuable information for evaluating a patient's progress and making a decision about the appropriate course of action, it can also be used during physical therapy treatment to aid the body in recovery from injury.  In fact, spinal manipulation will give Dr. Trakhtenberg new information every time he performs it that will play a large role in your recovery.

What can I expect during a spinal manipulation treatment?

Dr. Trakhtenberg will use his hands to apply a controlled force to a specific joint in the body.  You may hear a "pop" but immediately following the sound you will feel reduced pressure to the joint as well as relief from any discomfort.  Following the manipulation, you may be asked to perform functional exercises such as bending, stretching, squatting, or sitting that will provide him with information about your strength or range of motion.  You may also be asked to participate in other physical therapy modalities to extend the effectiveness of the spinal manipulation itself.

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