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Feel Good Physical Therapy is a leading provider of osteopathic manipulation for patients in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY, and throughout the New York City metro region. Dr. Gregory Trakhtenberg offers advanced techniques to help patients recover from a wide array of injuries and illnesses.


What is osteopathic manipulation?

Osteopathic manipulation (also called osteopathic manipulative therapy, or OMT) uses a hands-on approach to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries related to or affecting the musculoskeletal system. During OMT, a skilled and experienced physical therapist will use their hands to identify areas of inflammation and pain through the use of palpation (gently feeling the tissues) or movements and exercises based on gentle resistance. OMT can also be used to guide therapy as a patient improves.

What happens during a treatment session with osteopathic manipulation?

At the beginning of your session, your symptoms will be reviewed and evaluated, and you'll be asked about recent activities or when you first noticed your symptoms developing. Palpation and manipulative techniques like stretching and passive motion exercises will be used to evaluate joints, ligaments, tendons and other components of your musculoskeletal system to help pinpoint the cause of symptoms and location of injury. OMT can also help identify issues that are having an impact on circulation or nervous system function, including injuries and disease that may cause symptoms like numbness or weakness. Once the cause of symptoms has been determined, OMT may be used to treat the underlying issue or it may be used to determine other types of therapy which can be beneficial.

What conditions can be treated by OMT?

OMT is used in many types of diseases and disorders, including:

  • fibromyalgia

  • carpal tunnel syndrome

  • joint pain, including pain in the knee, shoulder, hip and elbow

  • sciatica and lower back pain

  • neck pain and upper back pain

  • chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

  • chronic headaches and migraines

OMT may also be used to treat sinus issues by stimulating the lymph system for better drainage of excess fluids, and some patients find it works well to relieve severe menstrual cramps.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We accept most forms of insurance. For more information, please contact the office. 

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