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Knee pain can have a significant impact on daily activities. At Feel Good Physical Therapy in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Gregory Trakhtenberg gives patients personalized care and treatment for knee pain and inflammation with physical therapy techniques aimed at reliving symptoms while improving joint function.


Why do my knees hurt?

Knee pain can be caused by many factors, including injury to the tendons, ligaments, muscles or joint surfaces, or diseases like osteoarthritis. Knee pain often arises as a result of overuse or repetitive use from an occupation that requires continual lifting or squatting, or from an injury related to a slip-and-fall, a car accident or a sport or physical activity. Wearing ill-fitting shoes can also cause knee pain, as can problems with your lower back and your gait (the way you walk). Being overweight or obese can also cause knee pain by placing extra strain on the joint.

What kinds of symptoms occur with a knee injury or disease?

The most common symptom is pain, which can be sharp and stabbing or dull and persistent. In addition to pain, a knee injury or disease can also cause:

  • inflammation and external swelling

  • soreness in the area around the joint

  • reduced range of motion

  • clicking or crunching noises in the knee

  • joint stiffness or “locking” sensations

  • pain that radiates into the feet or the hip and lower back

  • instability in the joint (a feeling the knee may “give way”)

What techniques can a physical therapist use to help me manage my knee pain?

Before treatment begins, your knee joint will be carefully evaluated to determine the source of pain. During evaluation, you may be asked to perform specific types of motions and movements to determine when and where tenderness and other symptoms occur. The joint and the surrounding area will also be gently palpated. If you haven't had x-rays or other scans of the joint, diagnostic imaging may also be prescribed to provide more in-depth information about your symptoms. Once all the data have been gathered, a custom treatment plan will be developed based specifically on your needs and treatment goals.


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