chiropractic services  Brooklyn, NY
If you are experiencing pain, we want to help! We are dedicated to helping patients regain pain-free lives. Oftentimes, people do not seek help for pain until it worsens. We want to help at the onset of symptoms, so they do not progress.

Physical Therapy  Brooklyn, NY

Physical Therapy

Here at Feel Good Physical Therapy, we specialize in assisting our patients through physical therapy.

Physical therapy rehabilitation uses mechanical force and movement to improve mobility, function, and even quality of life through examination, diagnosis, prognosis, and physical intervention.

Our physical therapists are trained and licensed to examine, evaluate, diagnose, and treat impairment, functional limitations, and disabilities in patients.

There are many reasons patients come to us for physical therapy. One of the main reasons is because they have been hurt in an automobile accident and need additional attention in order to get their bodies back to feeling normal. Other people hurt their bodies in sports or work and need assistance to feel better again.

Our entire staff is dedicated to helping you feel better. Our compassionate and educated chiropractors will work with you every step of the way. Results of an injury can vary from person to person, so it is important to speak with our wonderful staff to see how we can help you. Our number one goal is to help you feel better.

If you have any questions regarding physical therapy, contact us today at (718) 714-6995.

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Massage Therapy  Brooklyn, NY

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person’s health and well-being. There are many types of massage therapy methods (also called modalities). People seek massage therapy for a variety of reasons; for example, to reduce stress and anxiety, to relax muscles, to rehabilitate injuries, to reduce pain and to promote overall health and wellness.

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Spinal Manipulation  Brooklyn, NY

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation reduces pain (decreasing the need for medication in some cases), rapidly advances physical therapy, and requires very few passive forms of treatment. It is recommended that low back pain sufferers choose the most conservative care first.

Spinal manipulation has been known to be the only safe and effective, drugless form of initial professional treatment for acute low back problems in adults. Research has shown that there is strong evidence that spinal manipulation for back pain is just as effective as a combination of medical care and exercise. In some cases, it has been noted that spinal manipulation is just as effective as prescription NSAIDS combined with exercise. An article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2013 suggested chiropractic care as an option for people suffering from low back pain. It was noted that surgery is usually not needed and should only be tried if other therapies fail.

For more information or to request an appointment, call us today at (718) 714-6995.

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Kinesio Taping  Brooklyn, NY

Kinesio® Taping

Kinesiology Taping is a precise rehabilitative taping technique that is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints. This technique allows the body’s normal range of motion as well as providing extended soft tissue manipulation to prolong the benefits of manual therapy administered within the clinical setting.

Kinesio tape is latex-free and hypoallergenic which makes it “skin friendly” for patients with sensitive or fragile skin such as patients with diabetes, fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis. You can wear it for multiple days at a time. Because it is heat-activated, you can even wear it in the shower or pool without it peeling off. It is safe for patients of multiple age groups ranging from pediatric to geriatric, and it successfully treats a variety of orthopedic, neuromuscular, neurological and other medical conditions. Kinesiology Taping is a therapeutic taping technique that not only offers patients the support they are looking for, but also provides rehabilitation. By targeting different receptors within the somatosensory system, kinesiology tape alleviates pain and facilitates lymphatic drainage by microscopically lifting the skin. This lifting affect forms convolutions in the skin thus increasing interstitial space and allowing for a decrease in inflammation of the affected areas.

If you want to learn more about Kinesiology Taping and see if it is right for you, please contact us today at (718) 714-6995 to set up an appointment for your own evaluation.

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Back Pain  Brooklyn, NY

Back Pain

Since back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, it is vital to know how to prevent the cause of back pain. By maintaining a healthy diet and weight, remaining active and avoiding prolonged inactivity or bed rest are all important ways to avoid back pain. Before doing exercises or any physical activity, it is recommended to warm up and/or stretch.

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neck pain  Brooklyn, NY

Neck Pain

The neck, also called the cervical spine, begins at the base of the skull and contains seven small vertebrae. The cervical spine supports the full weight of your head which is on average about 12 pounds. While the cervical spine can move your head in nearly every direction, this flexibility makes the neck very susceptible to pain and injury.

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neck pain  Brooklyn, NY

Foot and Ankle Pain

The foot and ankle are highly specialized structures that absorb the weight of the body and enable us to move. Experts estimate that the force and pressure on your feet when walking can be up to two times your body weight. This pressure can increase with more vigorous movements such as running and jumping. With so much pressure on your feet and ankles, they undergo a lot of wear and tear throughout your life and are highly susceptible to injury and trauma.

The foot and ankle are a complex system of bones, ligaments, muscles, and joints that provide the structure and stability we need to move freely. If any of these components become compromised or weakened due to injury, overuse, degenerative conditions, or sprains, it can significantly impact your foot’s ability to move and function properly.

For those struggling with foot and ankle pain, it is important that you seek medical attention for a proper evaluation. Our orthopedic physicians are highly trained and experienced in diagnosing and treating all facets of foot and ankle pain or injury. After a thorough examination, we can begin to craft a customized treatment plan that will take your unique needs and lifestyle into account.

If you are experiencing foot and ankle pain, contact our office today at (718) 714-6995 so that you can get back on your feet pain-free.

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Hip Problems  Brooklyn, NY

Hip Problems

Here at Feel Good Physical Therapy, we specialize in helping others find out what is causing their hip pain and correcting it so that they feel like themselves again, or even better than before!

Our hips are such an important part of our body. They ensure that we stand up straight, control the entire bottom half of us, and allow us to walk, run, kick, and play.

In many cases, hip pain is simply caused by osteoarthritis, though it can also be a result of an injury.

If you come into our office, our friendly and qualified staff will assist you in relieving your pain by getting to the root of the issue. Instead of covering up the problem, we want to ensure that the pain goes away and stays away.

We will put together a treatment plan to make sure that this happens. Depending on the severity of your condition, we may treat you by adjusting your hips though we also do exercise therapy, stretching, massage, and other solutions.

In a recent study, 60% of chiropractic patients had their symptoms improve so much that they no longer required surgery. That is our goal. If you do have osteoporosis, you will still benefit from chiropractic care to relieve your hip pain.

If you have any questions regarding hip pain that you or a loved one may be experiencing, don’t hesitate to contact us at (718) 714-6995.

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Acupressure Cupping  Brooklyn, NY

Acupressure Cupping

Acupressure is an ancient healing therapy that uses manual manipulation to pressure key points within the body to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. This is an excellent treatment option for patients who want the benefits of acupuncture but want a non-invasive, no-needle technique.

It is believed that disease, illness, stress, and other discomforts are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy. Acupressure works similarly to acupuncture where specific acupoints of your body are stimulated to restore proper flow through the energy pathways of your body. With acupressure, no needles are used. Instead, your specialist uses his or her hands and special massage tools to stimulate the acupoints with a gentle yet firm pressure.

Once these pathways are restored, the flow of energy is improved along with the patient’s overall health and wellbeing. Treatment can vary depending on the patient’s condition from several minutes to over an hour, however typical treatment sessions last an average of 20 minutes.

Studies show acupressure can treat a variety of conditions from muscle pain, chronic ailments, addiction, and sinusitis. Other conditions that acupressure can treat but are not limited to include:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Asthma
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Arthritis
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Indigestion
  • Injury or trauma
  • And more

It is important to speak with your primary care provider before scheduling an appointment as acupressure is not for everyone. If you are unsure of whether this is the right option for you, we encourage you to schedule a consultation and we can discuss your individual needs and goals for treatment. For more information on how acupressure can help you, contact us today at (718) 714-6995.

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Post Operative Rehab  Brooklyn, NY

Post Operative Rehab

Here at Feel Good Physical Therapy, we do not chase pain. It is important to understand that oftentimes where the pain presents is not the area that needs to be treated. The pain may be due to that area compensating and being over-worked from another area not pulling its weight. Our rehabilitation program includes strength, flexibility and agility training as well as training focused on coordination of body parts and motion to prepare the individual to return to full participation.

This comprehensive and consistent approach works to retrain muscles, restore joint function, and prevent recurring injuries and doctor visits. Additionally, we will equip our patients with innovative techniques for maintaining proper posture, improving lifting mechanics or workouts, and determining “Do’s and Don’ts” related to certain jobs or daily activities. The effectiveness of this treatment protocol depends on the patient’s commitment to their therapeutic exercises and following the doctor’s recommendations. Improving the patient’s function, as opposed to simply managing the symptoms, can have a significant impact on injury reduction. Chiropractic adjustments make people feel better, but appropriate rehabilitation is essential for long-term positive outcomes.
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Therapeutic Ultrasound  Brooklyn, NY

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Feel Good Physical Therapy offers ultrasound therapy to minimize muscle pain and movement dysfunction. It is part of the treatment process that will be evaluated by Feel Good Physical Therapy upon your initial visit. Ultrasound therapy has proven results to help with various conditions you might suffer from. It is a helpful device to correct spinal joint misalignments and restore the nervous system to its optimal function

What is Ultrasound Therapy?
Ultrasound therapy is the use of high frequency sound waves to deliver deep heat to the treated tissues. The goal is to speed up the healing of a joint, muscle or tendon by using this higher frequency ultrasound. Ultrasound therapy may be used alone or in conjunction with stretching, therapeutic massage, heat or chiropractic adjustment. This therapy can be useful for a variety of patient’s complaints. The ultrasound creates a painless, micro-massage that many patients find relaxing.

What are the benefits of Ultrasound Therapy?
Ultrasound therapy has been known to increase tissue relaxation, stimulate local blood flow and aid in scar tissue breakdown. Local blood flow has been known to help reduce swelling and chronic inflammation by delivering more nutrients to the infected area. The treatments may help reduce stiffness, swelling and pain while increasing circulation and promoting a pain-free movement. While studies are still being done to test the effectiveness of these treatments, many people find them helpful in reducing pain and speeding the healing process. While ultrasound therapy is not effective for all chronic pain, it may help reduce your pain if you suffer from any of the following conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Myofascial pain
  • Bursitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tendonitis
  • Pain caused by scar tissue
  • Phantom limb pain
  • Sprains and strains

How does it work?
Feel Good Physical Therapy and our staff value your privacy which is why we will only expose the area of skin that is to be treated. A hospital gown is available if you feel more comfortable. To start, a gel will be applied to the transducer head or to the targeted surface of your skin. This gel allows sound waves to evenly reach your tissue. It is hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory. The ultrasound conduction device will be gently placed on your skin in a non-stop, circular motion for five to ten minutes. During therapy, the waves will vibrate the area. You might notice a soothing, tingling sensation or a slight warmth in the skin. However, it is not unusual to feel nothing at all during this treatment. If the area is especially sensitive, you could feel a slight discomfort. Ultrasound therapy should not be painful though. When your treatment is completed, the gel is wiped off. After the ultrasound therapy is complete, Feel Good Physical Therapymay help you stretch your joints through passive range of motion and then active range of motion exercises. It may be more effective to receive your chiropractic adjustment following ultrasound. The FDA approves ultrasound therapy safely as long it is performed by a licensed professional. Feel Good Physical Therapy believes the process of moving toward better health begins with determining your underlying cause. Our friendly staff is dedicated to providing high quality, holistic care for you and your family. From patients who have suffered in car accidents to those who have chronic back pain, ultrasound therapy can help.

If you have any further questions about ultrasound therapy, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (718) 714-6995!

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Sciatica Specialists  Brooklyn, NY

Sciatica/Low Back Pain

Sciatica is characterized by pain in the lower back that radiates down one or both legs. The pain is described as dull, achy, sharp, like “pins and needles” or similar to electric shocks. Other symptoms associated with sciatica include burning, numbness and tingling sensations. Sciatic nerve pain varies in intensity from mild to severe, and frequency may range from occasional to constant. The onset is generally gradual and not necessarily associated with a previous event.
Sciatica is also known as radiating or referred pain, neuropathy, or neuralgia

Here at Feel Good Physical Therapy, we regularly treat patients with sciatica. Since there are many disorders that cause sciatica, we will determine what is the root cause of your sciatica by taking a thorough patient history during your physical and neurological exam. In some instances, diagnostic testing such as an x-ray, MRI, CT scan and/or electrodiagnostic test (electromyography) might be necessary. These examinations and tests help to detect possible contraindications to spinal adjustments and other chiropractic therapies.

The best care for sciatic pain is to schedule regular chiropractic appointments. This allows us to better detect and correct any spinal dysfunction that may be a source of the sciatic pain. Call our office today at (718) 714-6995 to start living a pain-free life.

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shoulder pain  Brooklyn, NY

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a very common condition and affects almost half of the U.S. Most patients feel some sort of pain, limited range of motion, an inability to engage in activities of daily living (ADL) or something more serious as a permanent disability.

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Knee Pain  Brooklyn, NY

Knee Pain

Knee pain is increasingly becoming a more common problem in society. It is a complaint we see frequently. The most common complaint associated with knee pain is considered the normal “wear and tear.” Another ailment that affects the knee is osteoarthritis. The symptoms and progression of osteoarthritis and knee pain can be reduced through our individualized approach to chiropractic care.

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sports injury  Brooklyn, NY

Sports Injury

Sports can be very taxing on your body, no matter what you play. Our trusted staff will work with you to get to the root of your problem and help you feel better again. We help treat and also prevent injuries in the neck, back, shoulders, knees, and ankles. We are able to manually adjust your spine, relieving any pain that you are feeling. This will allow your body to function much better after the injury.

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