Gregory Trakhtenberg, MPT

Physical Therapist & Physiotherapist located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY

At Feel Good Physical Therapy, Dr. Gregory Trakhtenberg serves patients in and around Brighton Beach area. From the Brooklyn, New York location, Dr. Trakhtenberg offers services such as osteopathic medicine, physical therapy, care for sciatica and lower back pain, spinal manipulations, treatment for sport injuries, knee pain, Kinesio® taping, and manual medicine.

Dr. Trakhtenberg has been a physical therapist for over 24 years. He graduated from the Touro College with a Master’s degree in Physical therapy and Bachelor’s in Health Sciences with honors in 1999. Dr. Trakhtenberg has been practicing sport and spine physical therapy since then.

Being an athlete his entire life and having been injured himself several times, Dr. Trakhtenberg understands exactly what injured people are going through. Helping people recover from injuries and watching them get back on their feet as fast as possible gives him a great pleasure and pride.

Dr. Trakhtenberg has acquired a wealth of skills practicing physical therapy, specializing in wide range of soft tissue injury treatments such as myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, medical massage, deep tissue mobilization, trigger point release, in addition to spinal manipulations, or adjustment of the spine, when necessary.

Exercises such as stretching, strengthening, posture, and balance training are all integral parts of Dr. Trakhtenberg’s rehabilitation programs. He treats each and every patient as a unique individual and creates a personalized plan for each patient who visits the office. His caring, professionalism, and specialized training assist his patients to achieve their goals safely and effectively.

When he is not practicing, Dr. Trakhtenberg enjoys spending his free time with his three kids and playing basketball and tennis. He has also practiced Judo for 12 years.

Radion Natanov, PT

Physical Therapist located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY

Radion Natanov is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy in the state of New York that graduated from Touro College in 2016. Since graduating, Radion has been working in an outpatient setting treating various musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions/pathologies. Radion focuses on treating the root of the problem while simultaneously assuaging the symptoms by spending quality, one on one time with every individual. Since healthcare is a constantly evolving field, Radion tries to stay up to date by reading up on new research material and taking continuing education courses to maximize care. On his spare time, Radion enjoys playing soccer and spending time with family and friends.